This house bill 4637 – which is to be voted on early January, is a movement toward eliminating
townships and road districts, starting with our neighboring counties- McHenry and Lake County.
This issue must be considered and discussed. Summary of the bill is attached.
Below is a link to House Bill 4637, sponsored in the Senate by Senator Terry Link. This bill will soon be assigned to Senate Executive Committee. Currently the bill would allow the township board or citizen petition in McHenry County, to put the question on the ballot to dissolve a township. If passed, EVERYTHING would be turned over to the COUNTY. The bill ALSO provides that any township in McHenry AND Lake County that has a road district with 15 or fewer miles SHALL abolish the road district with the power transferred to the township. If passed this legislation could soon spread to more counties.
You can call the State Operator at 217-782-2000 and ask to be transferred to your State Senator’s office. Link to House Bill 4637: House Bill 4637 Thank you for your help with this urgent legislative matter.
PS….the following is a summary of the bill. If OUR township and road district is abolished -COOK COUNTY will be responsible to plow our streets. ☹ All other township services will be gone, storm sewer maintenance, brush pick up, road up-keep and ”Call Wally” time, etc.
””Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the Township Code. Provides that the board of trustees of any township located in McHenry County may submit a proposition to dissolve the township to the township electors or township electors may petition for a referendum to dissolve a township. Sets forth petition and ballot requirements for the referendum to approve the dissolution.
Provides for the transfer of real and personal property, and any other assets, together with all personnel, contractual obligations, and liabilities of the dissolving township. Limits the transferred rights, duties, and funds of the dissolved township to be exercised solely on behalf of the residents of the geographic area within the boundaries of the dissolved township. Provides that all road districts wholly within the boundaries of the dissolving township are dissolved on the date of dissolution of the dissolving township and the powers and responsibilities of the road district are transferred to McHenry County, and provides that municipalities within the dissolving township may elect to assume the duties and responsibilities of the road district or road districts. Limits extensions of specified property tax levies to 90% of the original property tax levy and within the boundaries of the dissolved township. Amends the Election Code and Counties Code making conforming changes. Amends the Illinois Highway Code.
Provides that any township in Lake County or McHenry County shall abolish a road district of that township if the roads of the road district are less than 15 miles in length, as determined by the county engineer or county superintendent of highways. Provides that the road district is abolished on the expiration of the term of office of the highway commissioner of the road district facing abolition following the determination by the county engineer or county superintendent of highways. Provides for transfer of rights, powers, duties, assets, property, liabilities, obligations, and responsibilities of the road district to the township. Provides that the township board of trustees may enter into a contract with the county, a municipality, or a private contractor to administer the roads added to its jurisdiction. Effective immediately””.